Greetings Dust Bunnies! 
We are your hosts, Sarah & Stevie. As two Millennials living in Orlando, FL, our hobbies mostly include theme parks, delicious food, endless movie marathons, and all of the nerdiest of things near and far.
From Under the Bed is your go-to podcast for lighthearted discussions on horror movies old and new. Any media that falls under the scary umbrella is game, from the silliest of films to the most intense thrillers.
We stay SpOoky but never too scary! From Under the Bed is your safe space to discover what happened in that film you once turned off halfway through. Revisit some old haunts or discover a new classic - grab your flashlights, a blanket, & join us under the bed! It's dusty down here.
Say hi on our personal Instagrams here: (Sarah)(Stevie)!
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